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Baster Company is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise with the core of research, development and production of new resin, anticorrosion, nanomaterials, polysilicon materials and composite materials, and undertaking large and medium-sized industrial anticorrosion construction, demonstration and technical consultation, with the registered capital of 20.88 million Yuan. The company invested in the construction of 38,880 square meters of new factory, with an annual output of 30,000 tons of inorganic resin and 20,000 tons of new material resin. And it has become the professional manufacturing company of inorganic zinc - rich resin.


Baster series products have been widely used by more than 1700 companies, including, Shanghai Libang, Shanghai Kailin, AVIC New Material, Tianjin-Beacon, Tianjin Hongshi, Tianjin Guanxi, Baojun Paint, Dalian ZEBON, Dalian Yuxiang, Xi’An Jingjian, Shaanxi Baotashan, Shijiazhuang Oil Paint, Yuying Paint, Xibei Yongxin, Beifang Zhiqi, Luoyang Shuangrui, Shanxi Dongfanghong, Bihaizhou Coating, Nanyang Wolong, Shandong Qilu, Shandong Yili, Changzhou Zhenhua, Jiren Paint Industry, Nanjing Bridge, Wuxi Taihu Lake, Zhejiang Tiannv, Zhejiang Huanqiu, Zhejiang Huanda, Hangzhou Oil Paint, Hunnan Xiangjiang, Wuhan Shuanghu, Chongqing Three Gorges, Guangxi Yufeng Paints and etc.


The company adheres to the "new era, new ideas, new goals, new journey" business model, to provide our customers with thoughtful service. The products are used in more than 800 well-known projects, such as, Three Gorges Dam Project, The Olympic stadium, The expo venues, Zhoushan petrochemical, Huangdao petrochemical, SINOPEC Zhenhai Refining & Chemical, Daxiedao Oil depot, Sinopec  Dalian, Sinopec Shanghai, Sinopec Wuhan, Sinopec Dushanzi, Sinopec Urumchi, Sinopec Karamay, Sinopec Qinzhou , Fulian Sinopec, Caofeidian Guochu, Shandong Hongrun Sinopec, Sinochem Quanzhou, Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, Wuhan Second Ring Road Viaduct, Hangzhou Bay Sea-Crossing Bridge, Qingdao Bay Bridge, Wuhan-Guanzhou High-speed Railway, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Wuhan Tianhe Airport, Wuhan International Convention & Exhibition Center, Shanghai Diamond Tower, Wuhan New World Center, Dalian International Financial Center, Guangzhou railway station, Wuhan railway station, Hanzhou railway station, Ningbo Beilun Power Plant, Guangdong Chaozhou Power Plant, Taizhou Power Plant, Brazil Power Plant, American Power Plant, Qinhuangdao Thermal Power Plant, Ningde Nuclear Power Plant, Luoyang Power Plant, Inner Mongolia Tuoke Power Plant and etc.


With the business development of the domestic clients, the company constantly studies in-depth. Cooperate with manufacturers requirements, using of many years of experience and rich technology, our company can provide customers with anticorrosive solution, and improve the product formula. And together with customers, we improve the product formula, to adapt to the needs of the Chinese market, to improve the added value of product performance, expand the scope of application of products, quickly to provide users with solid and effective technology and after-sales service.


The company has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification, pollutant emission permit. The company is a national high-tech enterprise, and now it is the director unit of China Coatings, the standing director unit of China Anticorrosion Association, the unit of China Chemical Industry Association, the winning unit of safety production, the 2014, 2015, 2016 China Coatings Raw Materials Brand Award, and the 2017 China Inorganic Zinc-rich Resin Industry Outstanding Brand and other honors.


Your affirmation today is our greatest honor. Responsibility make us progress continuously. The company is positioned in the business philosophy of "science and technology to cultivate talents, talent to lead innovation, innovation driven development", adhering to the environmental protection concept of "create green environmental protection brand, take the road of science and technology anti-corrosion" and keeping the spirit of corporate culture, to return to the community of customers. Let us work together to create a better tomorrow, to improve the natural environment to make a contribution.


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